Our Expertise
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    PSSI's professional staff has extensive experience in the successful design and implementation of working systems, developed on a variety of platforms, operating systems, databases, and programming languages.

    The staff is well attuned to working with other systems designers, programmers and computer support personnel as well as with end users.

    Our project managers provide technical leadership for work groups and communication with the client's senior management. Project managers are drawn from technical ranks and have been leaders in the utilization and implementation of new paradigms such as relational databases, client server architecture, and front-end development tools.

    In general, the staff mix at PSSI tends to be more experienced, with a smaller number of junior personnel. Assigning experienced personnel to projects translates into a mature team with a better understanding of the underlying business issues. It also allows managers and senior personnel to have a more active technical consulting role.

    The competence and dedication of the project staff are the most critical success factors in timely completion of assignments.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    DBMS Languages Operating Environments
    Oracle Cold Fusion MS Windows 2000
    MS SQL Server ASP, ASP.NET MS Windows 2003
    Sybase PowerBuilder, VB.NET UNIX
    DB2 Java Server Pages (JSP) Novell Netware

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